8 - 10

WECB's weekly news show.

The Musical Odyssey
10 -11

Adventure on high seas, or to the edge of the galaxy, and everywhere between with the Musical Odyssey! Utilizing the music of contemporary artists, Tina and Phil tell a new story every week based around a unique playlist, featuring original narration to thread the songs together. Listen closely and you’ll hear all the possibilities. Listen casually? It makes for a good homework playlist anyway!

Rude Boys Rumble

Covers ska music ranging from jamaican rocksteady all the way through third wave ska punk. Often moving chronologically, the show explores different aspects of ska music and “rude” culture, relating it to current events as well.

California Gold

Focuses on the west coast, as it is an area that has served in the creation and inspiration for so much music. Will cover specific movements and genres to highlight the importance of the gold hits from the gold coast.


Takes famous children’s books and breaks them down MST3K style. Each week, Josh attempts to understand or ridicule these books with cutting analysis, quick wit, and a healthy sense of self-awareness. So come and listen to my stories… They’re quite the hoot if I do say so myself.

Doc + The Rat

Know Your Scene

What separates Know Your Scene from other radio shows? Our dedication to finding bands, new music, and even guests that deserve to be heard. Know Your Scene wants to play local bands that normally wouldn’t be played on the airwaves.
Twitter: @knowurscene

Slumber Party

Hip Hop Pit Stop

Your #1 source for all kinds of Hip-Hop music. Whether you enjoy Trap, Old-School Hip-Hop, Alternative Rap, Pop Rap, or R&B/Soul, we have you covered. Please drop by for some fire tunes!

Rhythm + Beats

Hip Hop/Rap show on current events, album/mixtape/EP reviews, artist interviews, and Hip Hop culture.