Hear + Now [8-9AM]

New and Local music - here and now!

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New Beauty [9-10am]

A positive environment, to feel beautiful in your own skin.

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Unoriginal [10-11am]

Sometimes, things that are unoriginal... are worse.

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Two Dummies [11-12pm]

Modern advice for people who are probably dead.


Bookends [12-2pm]

Bookends - not the object, the song.

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The Salty Spitoon [2-3pm]

Pop the Emerson Bubble at WECB's The Salty Spitoon

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Cosmic Cooking Show [3-4pm]

Two cosmic chefs baking and cooking with sounds and feelings from across the universe to create magical mystical delights, dishes, and pastries.

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Staff Pixx [4-5pm]

Tune in to check out Music Staff’s favorite track’s of the week!


Are You There? It’s Me, Margret [5-6pm]

A weekly show hosted by two gals just trying to make it in the big city! But also, attempting to navigate Boston and being a woman.

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Planetary Playlists [6-7pm]

Can you hear the stars singing? Playlists based on the Zodiac.

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La Hora Loca [7-8pm]

Tune in every Wednesday!


R&B&A [8-9pm]

Rhythm & Blue & Animals. Chill frequencies. Chill animals.


End Your Day With Noah A [9-10pm]

Thank you for ending your day with Noah A.

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Subcultured [10-11pm]

Host Jack Donaldson chronicles the formation and history of today's most popular music subcultures.


I’m Not Crying. You’re Crying. [11-12am]

Rocco on the mic.

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