Milk in the Morning [8-9AM]

Eat some cereal, take a shower, watch the sunrise, drinksome milk and go to your happy place.

milk in the morning.jpg

Music’s Wallflowers [9-10am]

I'll be playing diverse genres ranging from symphonies to big bands and folk to funk. Hear the stories of up and coming musicians and reminisce with classics that have been absent from the spotlight.

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Disney Beat Radio [10-12pm]

Looking to sing, dance and prance along with your favorite Disney hits ranging from the Parks to the big screen? The Disney Beat Radio can satisfy your inner child! Come on inside, it's fun inside! See ya real soon!

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DIY Time [12-1pm]

You'll know them before they were cool.


Trip Sitter [1-2pm]

We're going on a road trip and we WILL stop for snacks.

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Groovy Grandma! [2-3pm]

This granny’s got the groove.

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hyperlink hotline.jpg

Hyperlink Hotline [3-4pm]

Let's fall down the rabbit hole together.

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Staff Pixx [4-5pm]

Tune in to check out Music Staff’s favorite track’s of the week!


Philosofties [5-6pm]

From mind to music.


Who Do You Love? [6-7pm]

Ain't love grand? <3

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retrograde radio.jpg

Retrograde Radio [7-8pm]

We're here to help you find out which planet is making your life amiss!

fingers crossed radio.jpg

Fingers Crossed Radio [8-9pm]

Fingers crossed you tune in next week, with our special guest...


Sam’s Deep Dives [9-10pm]

Want to know a little too much about your favourite albums? This might be your show.

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You Must Remember This [10-11pm]

Tell your Grandma her favorite songs are back on the radio.

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Pink Noise [11-12am]

Who's behind the music? Stories and tracks from your favorite artists weekly on Pink Noise.

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