8 - 10

Brings the forgotten and underappreciated songs from the past and present to the eclectic souls out there. With playlists that can range from High School Musical to Pink Floyd, listeners can dwell into the world of music that is underappreciated.

Twitter: @wecb_obliviated
Instagram: @wecb_obliviated

The Bop
10 -12

Get your day going with The Bop, WECBs home for boy bands! You’ll find bands you grew up with like the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, blasts from the past with The Jackson 5 and The Monkees, new sensations like One Direction and The Vamps, and hidden gems like Boyzone and Union J. Once you Bop, you don’t stop.

Twitter: @WECBTheBop

Midday Marauders

Bringing you the hip hop and electronic music you need. The final season of your beloved marauders.


Humanity Harmonies

Music makes us think of events and places in our lives. Each playlist is crafted to capture the feeling of these events and places, bringing you a new adventure each week.

Twitter: @HHarmoniesWECB

Burnt Weeny Sandwich

Each week, Disc Jockey Samuel Baler presses play on the Burnt Weeny Sandwich that is life.

Twitter: @burntweenyradio

New Waves

Come relive the good ol’ days with the greatest hits from before you were even born. We’re bringing you the best of the 1980s underground scene, with Charlie here at New Waves on WECB.

Premature Premadonna

Max, Rob, and Henry will take you on a musical adventure of jams and laughs. With tasteful, diverse playlists accompanied by a unique comedic edge, Premature Premadonna is the place for Hip Hop, Alternative, R&B, and beyond.



Alex + Joe Radio Show

Do you like funny stuff? Joe and Alex are funny. Listen to their show. It’s funny. Sometimes they have on their funny friends. They talk about their lives, death, and oh yeah, they perform totally awesome and clean sketches every episode. It’s a good time, and who doesn’t love a good time? Not me. That’s why I wrote this.


Oldie Lovin’ and Up And Comin’

Are you an oldie lover but also enjoy new music from up and coming artists? Look no further! We explore oldies from before 1999, and discover new songs from local or up and coming artists!

The Comedown

A show for all things punk with a focus on new releases, upcoming shows, and New England bands. The Comedown mostly features post-hardcore, metalcore, and alternative punk, but is open to anything under the “punk” umbrella!