Baicked in Nevada
8 - 10

Fussball, Fidget House, Ye Ye. These are genres of music. You know them? Neither do we! Tune into Baicked in Nevada to find out what they sound like. 

The Audio Book Club
10 -11

Check out The Audio Book Club for bangers and page turners weekly. 

An Aquarian Position

Oh no, is Mercury retrograde again? Understand what your spooky friend really means when they tell you they pulled the Death card and much more in this candid look into the astrological and metaphysical. 


Weekly curated mixtapes, with love!


The 1970s for people in their 20s. Leading you through the decade of free love, funk, peace, and disco.

Green Eggs and Sam

Everybody needs a dose of weird and fantastical, and i'm the person who can provide it. 

The Boylston Shuffle

The greatest late-night music show at 5 on WECB!

Level Uppington

Weekly mixes from Evan. 

WECB Karaoke Hour

Karaoke! With Rachel and Lex. 

Mead and Greet

A talk radio show that doesn't skip a beat. 

Common Madmen

Gives the listeners the opportunity to choose the music! Through the Common Madmen Twitter account, voters select one of three themes to focus on for each broadcast. Additional quizzes through Twitter grant listeners playlists, music videos, short films, and song requests.

Twitter: @CommonMadmen