Broheems In The Void

If you’re a millennial that means your constant emotional state probably ranges from numb, to sad, to even chronically depressed! We know we’re all 3! After all, we’re only just cookies floating in a sea of cheese. Embark with us into the void of memes, tinder swipes, and the sweet and sweaty flavor of death. :)

Twitter: @WECBBroheems

Battle of the Coasts

Two midwesterners mediate a battle between the east and west coasts. On every show, a guest from either coast will answer trivia about their respective region and show us their favorite song from a local artist. The final episode will bring guests from east, west, and the midwest to have a final battle for which is the better region!

Twitter: @victorygrrl @im_ok_thanks
Instagram: @victorygrrl @oliviakelliher

Be Here Now

A radio show about two things: improvised music and the live experience. We will play some of our favorite jams stretching across genres that emphasize improvisation such as jam music, jazz, bluegrass, blues, and more. Our goal is to impress with live, jammy treats interspersed with discussion on jam music.

Femme FM

Discussing issues that are affecting women in all areas, including politics, pop culture, and within our own lives.

Film Feast

Twins? Movies? Laughs? What more could you ask for? Join Justin and Cole as they banter about the hot new movies in theaters. We review independent and foreign films too. You never know what you’ll get into once you tune that dial.

Echoes In The Void

Sad Girlz Club

Two sad girls here to promote mental health advocacy, give you self-care tips, and connect with your emotions via music. Our show centers on a theme each week, from homesickness to looking on the bright side. We are inclusive, stigma-free, and here to let our listeners know they’re not alone.



We have one rule only: we will play any artist of any genre from anywhere on the face of the planet—except the USA. Our sound ranges from “I thought this was American” to “I am not sure what the hell I am listening to right now.” We’re ready for a music revolution. Are you?
Twitter: @unamericanradio

Sports Talk

Pro sports talk with Sam and Nathan.

Sleeping Soundly

Do you ever have trouble relaxing and/or falling asleep? Do you need something to help you unwind and ease you into your dreams? Let the music carry you away from all the stress and pressure in your world. Check us out, it will not be a decision you lose sleep over!

Twitter: @Sounds2Sleep