Folk It Up [8-9AM]

Folk it up! A mindful look at new and nontraditional folk and bluegrass.

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Theory of Hannah [9-10am]

Together, we can find the equation that makes me "Hannah" – one inspiration at a time, one week at a time. (insert math equation here)

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Suppy? [10-11am]


the musical mystery tour.jpg

The Musical Mystery Tour [11-12pm]

Hear something new on the Musical Mystery Tour.


Desert Island Discs [12-2pm]

Different guests come into the studio to play 10 songs that they couldn't live without- even if they were stranded on a desert island.

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WPBR [2-3pm]

When in doubt, go hard.

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Joe Cool Jams [3-4pm]

Joe Cool James takes a journey on down to the up and coming musicians of the lo-fi, soft indie, psych pop, and punk rock music scene. Be prepared to discover your new favorite band before they hit the big dog house.


Pang! Radio [4-5pm]

Pang! Radio: No argument is off limits as three hosts make an attempt to make sense of the artistic zeitgeist. Quirky. Comedic. Diverse. Join the discussion now on WECB.


Duck N Cover [5-6pm]

Music for emotional fallout.

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Sole Vibe [6-7pm]

Do you have Frank Ocean, H.E.R., and SZA on heavy rotation but don't know what to call your music taste? Listen to Sole Vibe and find out.

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Bad, But Not Terrible [7-8pm]

It’s bad. There’s no doubt about it. But terrible? Not by a mile.


Match-22 [8-9pm]

Join love experts Henry Johnston and Gary Sowder as they teach you how to master online dating.


The Basement [9-10pm]

Come on down and hang out with the Basement.


The Egg [10-11pm]

Once you've lived every human life throughout all time, you will have grown enough to be born.

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Weird at Last [11-12am]

Melodies come through the mist, listen close-I must insist. The weight of normalcy here shall rise, relax yourself, and close your eyes. I beseech that you forget the past. Finally, it's Weird at Last.

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