Guilty Pleasure
8 - 10

Are you unable to resist the dark capitalistic appeal of Hot Topic? Do you cry yourself to sleep thinking about the angle of Gerard Way’s hairline? Are people surprised when you wear something colorful? Tune in to get your fill of the greatness that emo, pop punk, shoegaze, and post punk have to offer.

10 -12

"Ideas without borders," a streamline publication, is an evolving media platform and radio show that focuses on local, international, and cultural news and how it will affect the millennial generation. Streamline is a call to action. Streamline is a community of like minded creators, creatives, and curators on a mission to expose the thoughts and movements of the millennial generations in the initiative true face of modern America. 

Thot Talk

Video Store Flicks

Ever love a movie that you feel no one knows? Think that movie deserves more attention? We agree! Every week, John and Scott pick a movie they feel is underseen and talk about why it deserves more attention. Whether you’re a movie buff or want to learn more about movies, tune in!


Historical Vibez

Come on into our fancy study at WECB and listen along as Aly Cat Kanusher and Vivian "Villiam" Williams jam out and talk about cool cats from all across history

In The Cut

An invitation to uncovering the gems of what’s happening “In The Cut” in today’s global and urban culture. Tune in for Hip Hop/Afro Beats/R&B, current events, and artist interviews!

Straight Bars

Introduces an unfamiliar audience to all things rap, going chronologically through each artist's discography and their progression as artists.

80s at 10

All the hits of the 80s without the terrible hair. You can’t time travel in a Delorean but this is the next best thing. Rag on terrible cinema of the time with DJ Santa Claus & friends. So tune in! Don’t be a narbo.