Eclectic Energy [8-9AM]

Confused about what to listen to? Join Julie and Lea to hear different tunes each week.

eclectic energy.jpg

Play X Play [9-10am]

A playlist poupouri of the people's best sounds.

play x play.jpg

Minerva [10-11am]

The stepping stone for local artists.

florida georgia line.jpg

Florida/Georgia Line [11-12pm]

Come "cruise" with us down memory lane.


Shark Week Radio [12-1pm]

Tune into Shark Week Radio with your host Kelly Chen!

shark week radio.jpg

Radio 54 [1-2pm]

Radio 54 is a throwback to the era of glitzy glittery dance floors filled with people trying to dance their troubles away.

radio 54.jpg
milk date.jpg

Milk Date [2-3pm]

On a milk date, you never know what you are going to get.

high class hip-hop.jpg

High Class Hip-Hop [3-4pm]

Hip-Hop of the highest class.


Jarrett’s Discover Weekly [4-5pm]

The discover weekly playlist that isn't made by a machine.

jarrett's discover weekly.jpg

Big Mood [5-6pm]

Skip your "Crying in the Shower" playlist, we know exactly how you've been feeling this week.

big mood.jpg
hip-hop pit stop.jpg

Hip-Hop Pit Stop [6-7pm]

We discuss, you discover.

let's unpack that...?.jpg

Let’s Unpack That…? [7-8pm]

Just a small kid trying to figure out the big answer to what it means to live, laugh, and maybe!


Movie Roulette [8-9pm]

Each week 3 goobers let the fates decide which movie they watch.

movie roulette.jpg

Cryptid Corner [9-10pm]

Greetings guys, ghouls, and goblins in between. Grab your lucky rabbits foot (you're gonna need it) as your ghosts with the mostless guides you through tonights atypical attractions.

cryptid corner.jpg

Passed Out in a Denny’s Bathroom [11-12am]

Join hosts Alex and Jaden as they investigate history's music industry dropouts.

passed out in a denny's bathroom.jpg