Take Ten
8 - 10

“TAKE TEN” with a group of three friends who have enticing and hilarious tales to tell about dating and college life in the heart of Boston. With an enthusing mixture of music and candid story-times, Tori, Jenna, and Chloe work together each Monday morning to create a broadcast production you will not want to miss!

Twitter: @zeetztweets; @jenna_lennon; @cemteboe
Instagram: @torizito; @cemteboe; @jenna_lennon

Chronicles of Dissent
10 -12

Punk rock and left wing politics come together on Chronicles of Dissent, where we focus heavily on politically active and aware punk and alternative bands that promote progressive ideologies from feminism to anarcho-syndicalism and everything in between.

Hip-Hop Revolution

Turtles All The Way Up

Reel Music

Reel Music is a music-based program covering songs used in films, trailers and more. The show brings audiences to a journey of music through film. Topics include current movies in theater, foreign films in theater (especially the ones from East Asia), new movies coming soon, as well as a throwback on different topics of movies.

New Music

A selection of new music chosen each week by the WECB music staff.

It’s a Schmoz!

Weekly wrestling talk from Paul and Co.

The Bewitching Hour

The Cheesy Hour

Let’s Ride