Your Dad’s Playlist [8-9AM]

A journey through the 60's, 70's, and 80's.

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Middle School Dance Party [9-10am]

MSDP is here to talk/laugh/cry about your most cringe-worthy moments from early teenhood, accompanied by the golden voices of our generation (really just a lot of Brittney Spears and Flo Rida)

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Funkify [10-11am]

Put on your boogie shoes and forget your troubles for an hour!


Hodgepodge [11-12pm]

The songs making waves and the ones that helped form them.


Radio Supermarket [12-1pm]

Tune in to find our what's in store!

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Tea Party [1-2pm]

Not THE one that happened in 1773.

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Alex + Joe Radio Show [2-3pm]

B.F.F.T.H.T.B.R.S.I.T.W. (Best friends forever that have the best radio show in the world)

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Wuthering Heights [3-4pm]



Sik Radio [4-6pm]

K-Pop radio!

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Speakeasy [6-7pm]

What’s the password?

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What’s the Tea? [7-8pm]

What's the tea?

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We’re Wearing Suits [8-9pm]

Maxy K and Sammy D soundin slick on Monday nights.


Goats and Friends and Friends of Friends [9-10pm]

Tell your friends of Goats and Friends and friends of friends.

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The Haunted Hour [10-11pm]

Take a trip to Lantern, North Carolina, home of the world's least convinient convienence store, this semester for run ins with creatures from the deep, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night.

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Dumpster Dive [11-12am]

Two internet-dwelling losers scrape the bottom of the cyber-barrell one scoop out their favorite findings for your listening pleasure.

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