Station Submissions 3/20

Welcome to Station Submissions! Here you’ll find some of Music Staff’s favorite tracks that were recently submitted to WECB to circulation. Be sure to take a listen to these tracks and support up and coming artists!


Mateo Rispoli

Swimsuit by Colourmusic

Heralded in by an extended vocal build, Swimsuite evolves into a washed out, reverb laden, dream pop droll. Enticingly slow moving, there’s something trance-like about its pulsing drums and heavy production. If anything, it shows a strong base with a serious amount of potential, and a lot of room to grow.


James Ammirato

Leviathan by Berlin Boom Orchestra

Leviathan blends pop, reggae, and rap in a way I don’t believe i’ve ever heard before, not to mention the whole thing is in German. This isn’t something I would generally listen to, but the production was surprisingly good and the vocalist had clear experience with his style of vocal delivery. If you think you’d like a big beat hip hop track with reggae guitar and rap vocals, Leviathan may be for you!


Liam Thomas

Narrows by Jaw Gems

Portland, Maine-based experimental electronic outfit Jaw Gems blends beat music with live instrumentation, with their most recent single "narrows" serving as a standing testament to the effectiveness of this combination. With a sound that blends the off-kilter electronica of Flying Lotus with certain components of chillwave and synth pop to dizzyingly successful effect, Jaw Gems are a group to keep a close eye on.


Erin Christie

Tel Aviv by The Lighthouse

From the get-go, “Tel Aviv,” The Lighthouse’s newest track, seems like it would perfectly soundtrack your next favorite coming of age film. Combining honey sweet vocals alongside an inescapably catchy chord progression, it’s impossible not to feel yourself transporting back to the summer days of young adulthood. 
The Lighthouse draws on elements that remind me of acts such as Young the Giant and Local Natives, but even so, they still manage to make this distinct beachy indie pop style something that’s entirely their own.


Noah Adaikkalam

Puzzled & Amused by Night Marcher

This song is a somewhat hypnotic alternative song that has some old muse vibes. It leans on a deep guitar riff that haunts the entire track. The lyricism and surrounding instruments from around it, coming together to create one ominous track. I can imagine it quietly emanating from earbuds on storm Portland nights.


Owen Murray

Fellah’s Temptations by Night Watchers

The French group "Night Watchers" describes their debut album La Paix ou le Sable as "post-punkish." This description definitely shines through on their lead single "Fellah’s Temptation" where they mix indie and punk elements. The song is energized by layers of guitars soaked in reverb and distortion. Fans of Deerhunter or Parquet Courts can definitely find something to enjoy in "Fellah’s Temptation."


Mica Kendall

Gold by Marble Arch

Encapsulated with steady guitar chords and a hint of electronic keyboard tones, Paris based band, Marble Arch, is diverting away from the genre of shoe gaze and repurposing it into their own synthetic pop sound. Showcased in their latest single “Gold” Marble Arch has progressed away from the bedroom pop sphere prevalent in their first album, “The Bloom of Division,” and instead in tracks like “Gold” are incorporating a concoction of saturation and reverberated instrumentals. Encompasseed with lead singer, Yann Le Ravazet’s, soft and subdued vocals, “Gold,” emits a relaxing tone that makes this track a qualified song to add onto your spring playlist. “Gold” serves as a glimpse into  Marble Arch’s latest album “Children of the Slump” which will be out on March 22. If you are into US bands such as Castlebeat or DIIV, check out Marble Arch and how they are redefining the sub genre of dream pop.

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