Station Submissions 3/14

Welcome to Station Submissions! Here you’ll find some of Music Staff’s favorite tracks that were recently submitted to WECB to circulation. Be sure to take a listen to these tracks and support up and coming artists!


Owen Murray

Mesme by Mellodrone

Mesme is a standout song from Boston avant-pop band Mellodrone showcases the band's pleasant indie-electronic sound. With dream-pop vocals and an IDM backbeat, Mellodrone shows their influences on their sleeve while still creating engaging and creative music. The band released their debut album Café Fluxus in February which includes something for fans of everything from Beach House to Apex Twin.


Mica Kendall

Transparency by Night Glitter

Filled with light airy synths and harmonic melodies, track “Transparency” by Austin based psychedelic pop band Night Glitter, contains sonic remnants of  Beach House and Sports (the band). “Transparency” is an atmospheric track with its repetitious synth and keyboard melody evoking a feeling of floating in space. Alongside, the track’s psychedelic feel, vocalist, Loulou Ghelichkhani, elegantly croons the entire song in French. Approaching the bedroom pop genre with an experimental twist, Night Glitter seems to be transcending out of the bedroom bubblegum-pop sound into the leagues of Beach House’s  “Space Song.”


James Ammirato

Plain Sight by The Falmouths

A fun-filled and punchy pop punk track, “Plain Sight” is perfect for wearing a leather jacket and spiking up your hair, then going out and looking at yourself in storefront windows. Simple but effective, vocalist Josh Weaver channels artists like Alex Turner in his delivery, while the band emulates artists like The Strokes or Franz Ferdinand. About 3 minutes in, the group switches up the tempo to a more introspective bridge, then launches right back into an instrumental chorus to close out the song. If you like fast music that you can dance to easily, The Falmouths are for you.


Nada Alturki

Crimson Vision by Thatcher

This song pretty much brings out all the road trip feels on this gloomy Wednesday afternoon when you have so much to do and all you want is an escape. Spring is right around the corner and “Crimson Vision” by Thatcher is perfect for the crisp seasonal weather, parallel to the feel of the song. The lead singer’s multi-range voice is raspy but wholesome, reminiscent of Deaf Havana’s sound. As the song picks up towards the end, the band solidly and successfully showcases a classic indie pop sound.


Noah Adaikkalam

Welcome to London by Flowdan

You like trap snares beats but hate trap artists? Flowdan has got you covered. He takes the bread and butter of all hype and trap music and puts his own electronic futuristic sounding synths and samples over it. This result is a sound that is both familiar and new, taking on a patented sound and remixing it to best fit his own preferences and deep voiced vocals, and giving us an eye into the UK trap/rap/grime scene. It kinda reminds me of the first time I found Rejjie Snow.


That’s it for now! Check back in next week for a whole new set of Station Submissions!

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