Staff Pixx 3/26

Looking for new tunes? The Music Staff submits their favorite songs of each week for the Staff Pixx radio show. If you can’t tune in Tuesdays at 4pm, check in to the Music Blog for a full playlist, along with notes from each of our writers!


Mateo Rispoli

Paralysed by Nilüfer Yanya

Underneath the umbrella of alternative music, Nilüfer Yanya takes full advantage of the term’s ambiguity. Gleefully hard to define, Paralysed features tip-toeing guitar accents and and consistently exciting production. Her tone changes on the fly as does the structure, making Yanya one of the most exciting current singer-songwriters in the genre.


Karigan Wright

Style by Foster the People

Opening with an intense electric guitar solo, “Style” is an upbeat tune with a rock n roll feel. The chorus is insanely catchy, forcing your foot to start tapping the floor. One of Foster the People’s latest singles, it gives off pop vibes, similar to their last album. Though very different from their most popular song, “Pumped Up Kicks”, fans will enjoy this catchy and very poppy song.


James Ammirato

Moving by Lady Pills

Boston trio Lady Pills are back and better than ever with the newest single from their upcoming second album, “pink void.” Where their debut was a standout record in queer punk and upbeat sound, “moving” takes the band in an entirely new direction, taking the time to slow down and fully wear their influences of Nick Cave and talk talk on their sleeves. Haunting harmonies from both vocalists make up the band’s signature sound, while the last minute is a crashing blend of slashing guitars and wall of sound style drumming. Check out their album pink void, out April 4!


Erin Christie

Remember Me This by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Brian Jonestown Massacre has stood the test of time, having just released their 18th (yes, 18th) full-length album this month. Infamous for their perfection of the psychedelic garage rock sound since the band’s fruition in the late 80s, TBJM has not shed their roots on this latest release. This record combines classic elements that bring about a palpable feeling of nostalgia, but in the same vein, manage to feel relevant and new. A nod to an era that once was, TBJM is still kicking and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.


Owen Murray

Movies by Weyes Blood

In anticipation for her Sub-Pop debut Titanic Rising, Weyes Blood has released one of her most emotionally potent singles yet. "Movies" is a beautiful slow build that features strings coupled with subtle layers of electronics. Weyes Blood reflects on her insecurities surrounding love, personal relationships, and being overlooked, ending in a climax of "I want to be the star of my own movie." On "Movies" Weyes Blood shows that she is expanding upon the her gorgeous 2016 album Front Row Seat to Earth by adding more instrumental variety while keeping in the same vein of songwriting.


Mica Kendall

Coca Cola by Divino Nino

The second single for their upcoming album “foam”, “coca cola” showcases divino ninos incredible multi instrumental talent. Filled with synth melodies, smooth guitar riffs, and a steady drum beat “coca cola” emits a dreamy tone. In conjunction to other up and coming Latino artists making an impact on the alternative/ indie genre like Cuco or the marias, divino nino is also bringing a sound entirely fresh to the alternative genre with a combination of synth and bedroom pop. “Coca cola” feels as fresh as drinking an ice cold soda amidst a blazing hot summer and is the perfect introduction track to those unfamiliar with divino nino’s sound.


Noah Adaikkalam

Please Please Please by Yawners

This song is a great dive back into the late 90s/ early 2000's break up song vibe. The straightforward guitar riff, solid minor chord heavy bridge, catchy chorus and single-chord-fadout ending are all heavily reminiscent of the Blink-182 glory days. They're lyricism is simple and the deliver is spot on. It's a good revival of a sound that will always be applicable. Additionally, this Barcelona based duo made a music video that puts an indie spin on the 90s grudge format, further visually complementing their modernization of the genre. This song has the ability to put your in your feels 24/7, watching the music video just makes you go deeper.

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