Staff Pixx 3/19

Looking for new tunes? The Music Staff submits their favorite songs of each week for the Staff Pixx radio show. If you can’t tune in Tuesdays at 4pm, check in to the Music Blog for a full playlist, along with notes from each of our writers!


Mateo Rispoli

Rambo by Germ

The long awaited “Germ Has a Death Wish” is finally here and it manages to flirt with its anticipation. Rambo, the album opener, immediately shows a matured Germ, one who is keen to rap on beat with his distinctively southern delivery, but still talk about crashing a Lambo with not a care in the world. As he continues to hone in, Germ proves himself to be a voice worth listening to. Also, it’s just undeniably fun


James Ammirato

Cash Nap by A.Leech

mumbling over a bass ridden beat, leech brings his most laid back effort to the table yet. simply a track about weed and money, cash nap is the perfect song to put on and hang with the squad, while still having a thoughtful flange-y backbone, as well as an ear-filling bit crushed kick drum that hangs in the cut so damn well. do not listen to this if ur not chill, you won’t get it.


Liam Thomas

In Woman Color by Haviah Mighty

Toronto up-and-comer Haviah Mighty defies the expectations of her scene with one of the most self-assured rap singles of the year. Her lines serve as sharp, targeted attacks on those who attempt to box her in, resulting in a track positively dripping in confidence. Haviah Mighty is a ruthless talent with an undoubtedly successful career ahead of her, don't miss this one.


Erin Christie

Houseplants by Squid

The epitome of garage punk, London collective, squid, creates a perfect angst- ridden track with their newest, “houseplants.” Meshing sporadic keys, horns, and your standard manic-ly furious amalgamation of guitar, bass, and drums, listeners are greeted with an absolute frenzy of greatness (despite the unfamiliarity in it). Lead singer, Ollie Judge, is almost undistinguished at points, shouting with a passion that resonates. Their ability to seamlessly combined jazz elements whilst perfectly the “post punk” noise that gets my steel-toed boots tapping makes them one of the greatest gems I’ve recently stumbled upon.


Owen Murray

Numb Numb Juice by Schoolboy Q

TDE’s most eccentric member is back with a tight, aggressive new single. “Numb Numb Juice” isn’t Schoolboy Q’s most ambitious single, but it shows him playing to his strengths. The beat is hard, and the lyrics are dark and maniacal. At two minutes, the track serves to get fans’ mouths watering for whatever madness Schoolboy Q’s next full length has in store.


Mica Kendall

I Was a Window by SASAMI

Serving as the first track off of her debut album “SASAMI,” “I was a window” contains cathartic lyrics with an undertone of loss and heartache. The melancholic lyrics are meshed with soft synths and a steady drum beat creating a relaxing listening experience. Best of all the song features a duet with Dustin Payseur from Beach Fossils creating the perfect blend of harmony and solace for the listener.


Nada Alturki

Lasting Friend by Samia

The 22-year-old’s unapologetic defiance comes out in this indie rock track. She touches on current issues such as body image, coming of age and anxiety, composed in a simple chorus and verse alternation. Her vulnerable vocals and the song’s dominant guitar rage give this release undercurrents of Mitski and The Cranberries. It’s been a personal non-stop play for the past few weeks. 

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