Staff Pixx 2/26

Looking for new tunes? The Music Staff submits their favorite songs of each week for the Staff Pixx radio show. If you can’t tune in Tuesdays at 4pm, check in to the Music Blog for a full playlist, along with notes from each of our writers!


Mateo Rispoli

Plastic Anniversary by Matmos

Rampant electronic experiments lists Matmos are back with another album and a lovingly sampled palette of god knows what. Kicking off with some trumpets, and working into something of a percussive frenzy, Plastic Anniversary should be on everyone’s list when it comes out next month.


Erin Christie

I Think It Might Be Hell by Clarence James

Despite this being James’ second official release, he’s already made certain that audiences are aware that he didn’t come to play. “I Think It Might Be Hell” is an immediate toe-tapper in spite of it’s lyrics which reveal the trials of a toxic relationship that eventually drives the narrator to suicide. James’ masterful use of guitar throughout the entire track makes me wish I had a better grasp on music composition so that I could accurately describe its excellence. As the song fades post the fatal deed, a “demon” croons, “So you thought that it will be over once you die? You thought you would be happy once you die?” It’s hauntingly memorable, to say the least, despite the tragic truth behind the chaos described.


Noah Adaikkalam

Great Dane by Cosmo Pyke

This is a perfect rain Sunday track. Both the narrative that is sampled at the beginning and end of the song, as well as the slow creeping sound and deep-voiced vocals, perfectly embody the grey Boston's weather has been giving us for a while now. The next time you're stuck inside because of rain or snow, put it on, and find a good window to look out of- it'll transport you.


Mica Kendall

Running Through My Mind by Gap Girls

Deriving off of Gap Girls new debut album, “Street Desires ”that was released just this month, the infectious and lighthearted love song “runnin through my mind” is a solid earworm that will have your Spotify on a consistent loop. “runnin through my mind” definitely has a hint of surf curse in the track with the repetitious guitar riff, but also displays impressive craftsmanship of Rubeck’s own self made instrumentals and songwriting ability. Similar to Rubeck’s surf curse companion Nick Rattigan and his side project Current Joys, Rubeck in Gap girls exudes his own personal musical style that makes songs like “runnin through my mind” so fresh and exciting for fans of surf curse.


James Ammirato

Flat Tummy Tea by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

The first track from the duo since 2014’s piñata, “Flat Tummy Tea” essentially picks up right where they left off. A guitar driven sample underlines the track in a rather drone-like fashion, further accenting gibbs’ ability to spit bars for the entire track with next to no rest. Halfway through there’s a nice short sample that initiates a beat switch, no obstacle for gibbs’ years of experience. If you’re looking for a straight up rap track that features production from one of hip hop’s finest producers, now and ever, this ones for you.


Owen Murray

Only Child by Tierra Whack

“Only Child” is Tierra Whack’s first single since the release of excellent, quirky album Whack World from last year. While much of Whack World’s quirkiness came from the one-minute-per-song formula the album followed, “Only child” shows that Tierra Whack can keep up the quirkiness for a full length track. Whack’s lyrics are thoughtful and her unique but poppy style is instantly recognizable. 


Nada Alturki

Yellow by Myles Cameron

The young R&B singer Myles Cameron solidifies his career’s foundation through his 4th single: a consensus of soft falsettos, chiseled lyrical detail, simple guitar picking, and an ever-so-subtle soundscape-like beat. The Yale senior bore a song that fruitfully screams yellow in its mellowness and sunny-Sunday good vibes.

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