Staff Pixx 12/3

Looking for new tunes? The Music Staff submits their favorite songs of each week for the Staff Pixx radio show. If you can’t tune in Mondays at 5pm, check in to the Music Blog for a full playlist, along with notes from each of our writers!



Oranges by American Pleasure Club

This new November 30th release from American Pleasure Club is beautiful and poignant. The lyrics read like poetry.



Backseat by Fringe

Fringe maps out a score of picturesque adolescence with their newest single, “Backseat,” one where this song would blast as stereotypically as possible through a teenager’s speakers as they speed down a seaside path. Taking a Malibu spin on shoegaze, Fringe is a force to be reckoned with.



I Am The Grinch by Tyler, The Creator

It’s a really good holiday song. Tyler's persona really fits into the Grinch character and you can hear him having a good time on the holiday remake. I want a full Tyler Grinch Short :). It's a bold move that gives the movie something different - following Chance and Jeremih's Merry Christmas Lil Mama project they've released two years in a row. Christmas rap is always welcomed.



Is Magic Gone by Lis Steinberg

FKJ’s new single is nothing short of what’s typically produced. “Is Magic Gone” is a smooth track features melodic piano riffs with a funky electronic jazz vibe. The song was written during a time in which FKJ was feeling extremely emotional on tour during the winter of 2017. Find yourself drifting away as you listen to his effortless instrumental transitions and soothing voice.



Nico’s Red Truck by Dijon

This ‘campfire sing-a-long’ song is beautifully written and accompanied with the most sincere instrumentals. It’s reminiscent of the artist’s childhood days, very much so that it makes it hard not to feel the nostalgia in his voice. I love how the song changes pace and makes me excited for whatever the artist has to offer in his future releases.



Sincerity Is Scary by The 1975

Released prior as a single for their latest album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships “Sincerity Is Scary” exemplifies The 1975’s progressive evolvement into a more mature sound, with the usage of a church choir as the background vocals & and a jazzy feel to the song. In totality, “Sincerity Is Scary” proves frontmen Matty Healy isn’t bounded to just the genre of alternative and shows how The 1975’s music is capable of experimenting with various music genres.



Darryl by Lake Street Dive

Opening with a groovy bass line, “Darryl” is a combination of folk and funk, creating a strong track off of the EP Freak Yourself Out. Lead singer Rachael Price croons about a relationship ending through unfaithfulness, putting a badass twist on an upsetting event. 



Stuck in the Scene by Sixpress (feat. Mike)

NY’s sLUmS collective members and recent earl sweatshirt collaborators Sixpress and Mike bare their emotions on this jazzy new cut. The two MC’s employ off-kilter flows that feel completely at home on the jazzy, roomy, experimental instrumental.



We Appreciate Power by Grimes

Opening with a distorted beat and siren like guitars, Grimes’ new single is a stark contrast from the artist’s last full length, 2015’s Art Angels. Drawing on influences from nu-metal to the bubblegum pop we all know grimes loves, the track is the best of both worlds, coming together to create a 5 minute banger that features eerie vocals and a guitar tone. This makes me very excited for her next full length release.


That’s it for this week! Be sure to listen to the Staff Pixx playlist at the top of the Music Blog for more!

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