Staff Pixx 4/2

Looking for new tunes? The Music Staff submits their favorite songs of each week for the Staff Pixx radio show. If you can’t tune in Tuesdays at 4pm, check in to the Music Blog for a full playlist, along with notes from each of our writers!


Karigan Wright

Night Running by Cage the Elephant & Beck

Night Running, Cage The Elephant’s first new release since 2015, is absolutely not what you would expect. This song sounds something like a cross between Cage The Elephant and Twenty One Pilots, featuring Beck. Sure, it sounds strange, and it is, but strangely good. It’s definitely a song that makes you want to get up and move, the main melody having such a distinct beat with techno accents.


Mateo Rispoli

Box of Wheaties by Quelle Chris

Quelle Chris is back as per his impressive annual release schedule. Following 2018’s socially conscious Everthing’s Fine, Chris tackles the titular issue of Guns. The album is filled with commentary on the politics of weapons and the role they play in destroying communities. “Box of Wheaties” carries itself with a pace remenicsent of a leisurely stroll down the street on a lukewarm spring day. Warm guitar sample, funky bassline, and signature raspy voice in tow, Chris waxes “I flip it for the gold, gone, put me on a box of Wheaties”


Erin Christie

Jealous Guy by Sorry

Their first release of 2019, Sorry’s comeback with saxophone and synth- infused “Jealous Guy” is massive. “I’m just a jealous guy, watch out,” lead singer Asha Lorenz warns, reeking with possessiveness. 
Describing the feeling of “spinning out of control” when blinded by insecurity, envy, and worry, this song is a perfect example of the separation that artists can create between their lyrical and musical material: as you find yourself nodding your head along to the bass, you might feel strange to know that you’re jamming out to someone’s self-deterioration.


Noah Adaikkalam

Time by Maxo

This track is the first on his Sophmore album Lil Big Man which showcases his full evolution and growth from his freshman album SMILE, which dropped this time next year. Time has all the trademark sounds of his style, jazzys keys intertwining with vocal samples and a simple drum line, coming off as a more homemade cut from "Some Rap Songs." His poetic flow and deep lyrics complete the mix, easing you into a conversation with him about growing up, world expectations, and depression. It's the perfect song for staying inside on a grey day and thinking about the universe.


Owen Murray

Drought by Show Me the Body

Brooklyn punk trio is Show Me the Body have expanded upon their rock and hip hop influenced sound on their new album Dog Whistle. Bass, drums, and banjo might not seem like the typical punk makeup, but Show Me the Body makes it work. Heavy distortion and effects used on Dog Whistle make its sonic pallet even more varied than Show Me the Body's debut full length Body War. On Dog Whistle Show Me the Body confronts issues of urban injustice and gentrification, and on "Drought" they critique the system that allowed there to be "no water on LA." Show Me the Body continues to combine classic rebellious and socially aware punk ethos with a new and exciting sound that can be enjoyed by punk and hip hop fans alike.


Mica Kendall

Scrawny by Wallows

Serving as one of their showcasing singles for their debut album release for “nothing happens”, “scrawny” is nothing short of a classic bop. Following an infectious chorus of Dylan Minette repeating “scrawny motherfucker with a cool hair style” you’ll find yourself inevitably having the line stuck in your head for a whole day. “Scrawny” is a perfect single for those unfamiliar with wallows with it correlating well with Wallows alternative punk like personality integrated in their music. This song for sure is going to be a crowd jumper at their US tour this summer, so don’t miss out on hearing “Scrawny” live.

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