Who the HECK is the Boston Hassle?

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by Emily Bunn

One of the cornerstones of the DIY scene in Boston, the Boston Hassle brings together musicians, bands, and music lovers from all over Beantown. The music and arts organization hosts shows, festivals, flea markets, operates an art gallery/performance space (The Dorchester Art Project), runs a monthly print newspaper (The Boston Compass), and releases daily curated lists of music, art, and film happenings occurring in New England. (If you’re in for a scare this month, check out Mary Mosadeghirad’s article comparing the artwork of Edward Hopper to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”!) Amazingly, this organization is entirely made up of committed volunteers who come together to create a tolerant and passionate community of local artists and art enthusiasts. By organizing a variety of creative events that reflect the counterculture and do-it-yourself scene, the Boston Hassle congregates Boston’s most creative and passionate individuals.

Organizations like The Boston Hassle are so important to support because of their contributions to the Boston art community and exposure they grant to local artists. By providing a haven and open environment for creative individuals to come together, new ideas, projects, and bands are able to immerse themselves in something that truly connects all of us -- art. Recently published and definitely worth checking out is an interview with Kit Collins, who does the artwork for the Boston Compass. Your favorite artist or band was once just a local artist, and any support one can offer to these up-and-coming endeavors is both exciting and inspiring on both ends. Supporting your local scene is what is truly punk.

Having attended one of the Boston Hassle Black Market Flea Markets before, I can report that I was impressed with both the scope of the event as well as with all the local art housed inside. After stomping down the concrete steps into the Cambridge Community Center (aka, the Hardcore Stadium), I traded $1 for an afternoon of inspiring art, fantastic conversation, and vegan food (though for the ladder, extra fees may apply). The two-story building hosted an array of different art mediums, ranging from prints, pins, vintage clothes, skandels (skull-shaped candles), photography, pottery, paintings, and glass work, just to name a few. Everyone at the event seemed excited to be there and the local artists were eager to explain their pieces. The flea market also included a raffle, two bars, and within its walls helped to promote other Boston artist organizations as well.

Some other exciting upcoming events sponsored by Boston Hassle are a screening of “The Silence of the Lambs” on Oct 22 at Coolidge Theatre, a music showcase and craft beer tasting October 25 at Boston Athenæum, a Halloween themed Black Marker Flea Market on October 28th, and a Halloween 40th anniversary double feature of “Halloween” and “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers” on -- you guessed it, Halloween. Check out The Boston Hassle music blog and Boston events guide to find out about even more exciting events coming up, and how to get involved in this incredible organization.

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