Where's My Boomerang?
8 - 10

Emerson’s VIP access to the best Australian EDM tracks. Coming to you straight from the best clubs in Melbourne, the show features the freshest remixes, bootlegs & original tracks from Down Under.

Beat Feast
10 -12

Hear some of the newest electronic, indie, experimental music and listen to DJ’s Jack and Taelon give their opinions. In addition, we will cover some of the weirdest news stories we can find on the internet.

The Zen and Classical Hour

Feeling stressed? Just feel like relaxing? Tune in and incorporate some mindfulness into your life. We will discuss both mindfulness and spiritual topics while soothing the soul with sophisticated and stimulating classical music.

Yay! Martha!

Yay! Martha!

Mike Drop

Your classic variety show, including but not limited to, pre recorded skits, live performances, and games. Join us for a lively show that you can turn on, kick back, relax, and enjoy. The perfect way to spend your day!

Twitter: @MikeDropWECB

The Wide World Of Metal

Have you ever felt that metal radio isn’t really for fans? Have you ever wanted a metal show that truly captures the diversity of Extreme Metal? If so, tune in for some tunes to darken your day and fill you with fire and bile.

The Basement

Features bands from the indie rock, punk, and melodic hardcore genre. Listen to your favorite DJ’s Angela and Kayce talk about new music, shows coming to Boston, and facts about all your favorite bands from Alex G to The Shins to Turnstile… Kick back & relax while listening to all the best underground bands.

Join DJ's Ava and Tony every Friday night from 8-10 as they jam to some up-beat indie rock bops and then progressively 'settle down' into more chill acoustic/ indie-electro tunes to ease you into your perfect Friday evening. 

Settle Down

Player Input

Got a clue about video games? No? Then this is the program for you! Join Trevor, Myles, and Ben, our trio of veteran players, as we explore the medium of interactive storytelling from music to gameplay to plot devices. We keep the laughs rolling the whole way through!