Sesh Royale [8-9AM]

Big things coming.

what the folk?!.jpg

Can You Use It In A Playlist? [9-10am]

He liked folk, she liked dream pop. Can I make it any more obvious?

can you use it in a playlist?.jpg
ain't that a mood.jpg

Ain’t That A Mood [10-11am]

Whatever the mood suits for – we got you.

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Oprah and Chill [11-12pm]

Has a long week of life got you down? Don't worry! Just tune in to Oprah & Chill, as show that lifts your spirits up to second of your favorite songs.


Passion Projects [12-1pm]

Appreciate your peers work, shamelessly plug your own!

passion projects.jpg

Cult of Personality [1-2pm]

A show that shows off things you didn't even know you liked.

cult of personality.jpg

Emerson-ish [2-4pm]

Two black girls, too much to talk about.


Spitshine [4-5pm]

Hard news Hip Hop.


A Time With A Song [5-6pm]

Have a time at home with a song.

a time with a song.jpg

The Melanin Hours [6-8pm]

The Melanin Hours: the best sound for all those who love the music from black and brown.

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hot buttered soul.jpg

Hot Buttered Soul [8-10pm]

Ben Bailey guides you through some of the butteriest soul on the market.


H2Flow [10-12am]

It is scientifically proven that water has 2 states: chill and hot. Come to H2Flow for good vibes, fun stories, and absolute bangers.